PUBLIC HEALTH ALERT:  Pueblo County Public Health Notified of Monkeypox Case

Pueblo, CO, August 2, 2022 –The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) has confirmed a positive monkeypox case in Pueblo County. CDPHE started and is completing the case investigation and contact tracing associated with this case. Clinicians are urged to become familiar with signs and symptoms of hMPXV, and should immediately contact the PDPHE if they suspect the virus in a patient. The Health Department will continue to outreach to local physicians and practice groups to support them with the latest data and best practice information. Additional information is available on the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment website at

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Pioneers of the Society

In his book, A Brief Scan of the Minutes of the Pueblo County Medical Society, historian, Dr. Harvey Phelps, MD, stated, "The knowledge of good work should be preserved and extended." How true this is, especially when it relates to the pioneer physicians of Pueblo County Medical Society. 

Take a moment to watch our video: Pioneers: Pueblo County Medical Society, 1881-1929.