Welcome to PCMS!

Pueblo County Medical Society (PCMS) is a 501(c)6 professional nonprofit membership organization for physicians (MD and DO), physician assistants (PA), and nurse practitioners (NP), in Pueblo, Colorado. We also offer membership to the dental community (DDS and DMD). PCMS serves over 300 members.


Founded over a century ago in 1881 in Pueblo, PCMS has a proud history of medical pioneers involved in all aspects of community life, healing the sick and wounded, volunteering locally and worldwide, and serving local physicians and medical practitioners through education, networking, and advocacy. Throughout the years, PCMS members have contributed countless hours to promoting the art and science of medicine in Pueblo and surrounding areas.


Fast forward to the 21st century, PCMS has been undergoing a strategic planning process to ignite change and elevate relevance as the only Medical Society in Pueblo, Colorado. The society is strengthening partnerships with current and new stakeholders, and keeping up on the rapid pace of change within medicine today.


PCMS' mission is to facilitate meaningful collaboration of medical professionals in Pueblo County and surrounding areas. PCMS focuses on three areas of need for our membership:

  • social networking - provide social events for like-minded professionals and local leaders in healthcare to get together and expand one's business and/or social contacts, and make connections to gain fresh perspectives and improve professional and personal lives;
  • education - provide educational programs on diverse issues affecting health professionals, and facilitate learning; and
  • advocacy - act for, plead against, or recommend and promote a cause, policy or proposal that impacts members and the local community.


PCMS' vision is to improve the practice of medicine and life of medical professionals, locally, by increasing communications overall and creating a more member-driven organization.