Crowd-pleasing event for PAs and NPs

Physician assistants and nurse practitioners hold important positions in our health care industry. Pueblo County Medical Society acknowledged this by hosting a complimentary event for PAs and NPs on Wednesday, April 3, at Brues Alehouse Brewing Company. The CME event was well attended with 26 PAs and NPs present.  

The event began with a two-minute mindfulness meditation followed by colleagues socializing with one another and enjoying free drinks and buffet dinner. Guest speaker and Board of Directors’ Secretary Dr. Marcel Junqueira and CEO Cheryl Law used the opportunity to invite attendees to join PCMS and become part of our growing whole care team led by physicians on a mission to facilitate collaborations of medical professionals in Pueblo County and change the face of health care, locally. 

Following the invitation to join PCMS, Dr. Junqueira presented an interactive, educational message on how to manage sleep apnea patients with OSA on PAP therapy. His presentation was informative and very well received. Attendees learned about compliance, symptoms and effects, screening, insurance qualifications, and explanation of PAP reports. 

The evening ended with a free giveaway of a $200 Amazon gift card and several attendees joining PCMS. 

A big thank you once again to our generous sponsor AeroCare and also, to everyone who attended the event and made it a meaningful evening!


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