OeHI Telemedicine Grant Opportunity and CMS COVID Emergency Funding

The Center for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS) approved $7.9M COVID-19 Emergency Funding to the Office of eHealth Innovation (OeHI) in the Lt. Governor’s Office, and the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing (HCPF). This CMS Federal Fund match leverages Health IT Roadmap funds to support Colorado’s emergency response efforts through telemedicine innovations, technical connectivity/technical assistance to health information exchanges, COVID-19 reporting and analytics, and safety net provider public health reporting and surveillance. This funding, established through the American Recovery and Reimbursement Health Information Technology Act, is intended to support the meaningful use of electronic health records by eligible medicaid providers.


Up to $2 million of this funding will go toward grants for existing and new telemedicine projects. This new funding will increase access to health care and slow the spread of COVID-19 through coordinated access and use of telemedicine. Lessons learned from these funded projects will inform longer-term telemedicine policies and infrastructure to emergency response and coordinated care.


OeHI's goal is to disperse telemedicine grant funding for select projects that advance the state's immediate COVID emergency response needs via telemedicine and inform longer term telemedicine infrastructure and policy efforts. We consider telemedicine to include all forms of communication, as outlined in HCPF’s Emergency Telemedicine Policy Changes. Per the emergency CMS federal fund match, all projects are required to be completed by Sept. 30, 2020. 


Entities eligible for consideration include local public health agencies, health care providers, state or county health and human services departments, and community health and tech organizations (not-for-profit) that support Medicaid and Uninsured populations. In addition to funding, selected organizations will be part of a learning collaborative and have an opportunity for additional technical assistance.


Submitted projects will be reviewed and evaluated against criteria established by OeHI and HCPF. Entities that meet this criteria will be given priority consideration. Select organizations may be invited to present more detailed proposals to OeHI and HCPF.


Please share this telemedicine grant opportunity with your networks. All telemedicine projects must be submitted by Friday, May 15 by end of business day for consideration for funding. Here is the form to submit a project proposal.


In addition to the $2 million in grant funding for telemedicine projects, additional funding is being leveraged for provider telemedicine education, technical assistance, and evaluation of telemedicine efforts to inform near and longer term policy. 


Here is a breakdown of the total  funding and high-level projects and links to the CMS request and approved funding.




Telemedicine Innovations: Projects, Provider Education and Technical Assistance, and Evaluation to inform Policy

$ 4,400,000- up to $2,000,000 in  telemedicine grants for projects/pilots

Technical Connectivity/ Technical Assistance: Connecting Health Providers to Colorado HIEs

$ 2,100,000

COVID Reporting/Notifications/Analytics


Safety Net Provider Surveillance

$ 740,000


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