Acne Treatment

Whether you are a teenager or an adult, acne can affect your skin. Acne is a common skin condition that affects most people, to a varying degree, during their teen years, but can also affect adults in their 20's and 30's. Treatment from a MedSpa can improve your appearance and self-esteem, preventing lifelong scars.

Causes of Acne

Normal skin contains oil glands under the skin that produce an oily substance called sebum. The sebum moves from the bottom to the top of each hair follicle and then spills out onto the surface of the skin, taking with it sloughed-off skin cells. When you develop acne, the structure in which the sebum flows gets plugged up. This blockage traps the sebum and sloughed off cells below the skin, preventing them from being released onto the skin's surface.

If your pore's opening is fully blocked, a whitehead will be produced and if the pore’s opening is open, a blackhead is created. Red pustules or papules can be produced if a whitehead or blackhead becomes inflamed. It is important to not pick or scratch at the lesions because it can make them inflamed, leading to long-term scarring.

Maintain a Proper Skin Care Regimen

While hormonal changes during puberty can cause many types of acne to be unavoidable, with a diligent skin care regimen many teens can help control outbreaks from becoming severe, minimize the appearance of blemishes and prevent scarring.

Chronic adult acne can be frustrating, and can have long-lasting effects on the self-esteem and confidence of those suffering from it. Whether you are a teenager or an adult suffering from acne, there are treatments available in addition to simple skin care steps.