Wined, dined and memorable: Recap of 2019 Wine and Dine Social

PCMS members were wined and dined at our summer social on June 14, 2019. The Rusted Poppy Inn B&B provided a relaxing setting and enjoyable evening for our 12 guests. This was the second annual Wine and Dine event where members were treated to a combination of quality wines including Promesses de France Pinot Noir and Zestos Rosado. Along with the wines provided, guests were treated to a variety of cheeses, fruits, vegetables and red meat appetizers. Making food pairing recommendations for guests, our barista matched foods with selected wines to make the entire dining experience more enjoyable.

PCMS is grateful for the opportunity to provide events for our members and inspired to give our absolute best to attendees and guests. We’re empowered by members who attend and take time out of their busy schedules to create memorable moments with one another. Socializing, storytelling from the field, laughing and interesting conversations made this event well worth it and more!