Wrapping Up 2019

The Pueblo County Medical Society 2019 got off to a great start with Dr. Greidanus at the helm and his three resolutions projected: good governance, clear direction and relevance. Some of the events and/or actions PCMS participated in this past year are worth noting.


  • Presented 9 CME events where expert speakers brought their knowledge and expertise to membership.
  • Hand-delivered over 100 red carnations to members on Doctors Day in appreciation for their contributions to our local community and generous support of their 138-year-old medical society.
  • Board of Directors strategic planning retreat included onboarding three new board members, revising bylaws, reviewing mission and vision statements, and performing a SWAT analysis which led to an action plan and 5 subcommittees.


  • PCMS Director and CMS Board Representative Brad Roberts, MD, took an active part in identifying advocacy, a vital aspect of membership. Sharing regularly in our monthly online newsletter, he kept members informed of the challenges facing physicians throughout the legislative session, advocacy opportunities available to membership, and presented ideas how physicians make things happen locally and statewide.
  • Terry Lakin, MD, volunteered to be our PCMS representative and attended the CMS Council on Legislation throughout the year. Reviewing and deciding positions on multiple bills under consideration by the Colorado General Assembly, Dr. Lakin was a breath of fresh air for PCMS, taking time out of his busy schedule as a PCP in Pueblo to represent the best interests of membership.
  • Recognized Senate President Leroy Garcia with a special award presentation. An outstanding supporter of physicians’ health policy issues in the 2019 Colorado General Assembly, Senate President Garcia was privy to 4 physicians – 3 in white coats – representing PCMS and demonstrating appreciation for a work well done.
  • A letter was sent to Mayor Nick Gradisar and all City Council Members requesting a meeting to discuss the issue of Cannabis Lounges or Pot Clubs.
  • Met with Pueblo Mayor Nick Gradisar to discuss public cannabis lounges and other public use cannabis facilities. PCMS remains opposed and is concerned that this will jeopardize the health and safety of Puebloans.


  • Participated in Pueblo’s Food Project, a group effort supported and promoted by Pueblo Mayor Nick Gradisar, as a call to action for citizens, organizations and agencies to join forces to build community and strengthen economic development in local food systems.
  • Supported the Pueblo Department of Public Health, Substance Use Response Ecosystem (SURE), and school district 60 to promote  education regarding substance abuse and dependence to middle school students in district 60. There is still a need for health care providers (physicians or mid-level providers) to volunteer.
  • Collaborated with Interim HealthCare Hospice to locate a Hospice Medical Director who now provides oversight of the Hospice Physicians’ services and assist the Hospice Physician and IDG.
  • Created a partnership with Lumunos which specializes in creating and delivering well-being programs for providers. PCMS is exploring ways Lumunos’ work is relevant for our mission of supporting clinicians in our community.
  • Sponsored the free fundraising breakfast for Season of Change Fundraiser in an effort to support the Nature & Wildlife Discovery Center's mission to promote environmental stewardship and population health through nature education, wildlife rehabilitation, and outdoor recreation.
  • Collaborated with Pueblo Bank & Trust Company to recruit a member physician to serve as a committee member on the Pueblo City & County Foundation Committee. The foundation was established to provide grants for worthy causes throughout Pueblo County.
  • Partnered with Sangre de Cristo Hospice and Palliative Care to produce the creation and distribution of the 2019 Physician Directory. Sangre de Cristo Hospice & Palliative Care, a Legacy, Non-Profit Hospice, has been a pioneer in the hospice movement since 1985.
  • Submitted a letter in support of the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment’s application to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Overdose Data to Action to request funding.
  • Participated in legislative breakfasts presented by the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce.

Moving forward in 2020

  • Dr. Marcel Junqueira, MD,  became our new president and his 2020 plan is a roaring example of his passion to increase the relevance of your medical society, locally and statewide.
  • Working with the state medical society to implement MemberSuite, the premier technology provider of association management software and engagement solutions that will empower our societies to accomplish every activity we need to better serve our membership.
  • Partnering with Parkview Medical Center to facilitate meaningful collaborations of annual events to maximize members time and efforts.
  • Hosting our 4th annual membership and  community wide symposium
  • Regularly updating the PCMS website to make it more productive and the perfect place to house the great content we have to inform and engage membership and community members.
  • Continuing dialogue and communication with legislators in Pueblo, Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment, and member physicians to oppose and campaign against public cannabis lounges and other public use cannabis facilities.
  • Visiting with the Southern Colorado Family Medicine Residency Program to discuss collaborations and what we can do for them.
  • Continuing participation in the Pueblo Food Project  to work on establishing  a recognized and sustainable organization.
  • Organizing a community service chapter, patient education chapter, physician education events, and award ceremony during annual general meeting and revisiting our mission and vision statements to narrow down target audience and add community involvement.

…and on the horizon

  • Planning to increase partnerships to provide better benefits and services for physicians, PAs and NPs.
  • Much more to come!

…and finally, hats off to our part-time staff member and our many sponsors who made it all possible.