Dr. Marcel Junqueira, MD, to become Interim PCMS president

Press Release
For Immediate Release: Oct. 2, 2019

Contact: Chery Law, Chief Executive Officer
[email protected] | 719-281-6073

Pueblo, CO – Oct. 2, 2019 - The Pueblo County Medical Society Board of Directors announced today they have named Dr. Marcel Junqueira, MD, as the Society’s interim president. Dr. Thomas Greidanus, MD, who has served as PCMS president since 2017, recently began a needed leave of absence due to health issues. Dr. Junqueira, who has served as PCMS secretary, will undertake Dr. Greidanus’ official executive duties during his leave.

The Board of Directors unanimously recommended that Dr. Junqueira become the interim president immediately until elections take place at the society’s annual meeting on Nov. 13.

“Dr. Junqueira will be an influential thought leader for this medical Society,” Cheryl Law, CEO, said. "He is an individual of great integrity, vision and commitment to his colleagues in the medical profession who has, on more than one occasion, stated he would serve Society members even if he had no professional title associated with his name. He is the perfect choice to advance our mission to create a medical Society that serves as a venue for collaboration for the betterment of health care in Pueblo County. The Board expects a very smooth and successful transition period under his guidance.”

Dr. Greidanus was president of PCMS from 2017 to 2019 and has been an exceptional president and leader of the Society. He will remain an officer of the Society during the interim period. The Board and executive staff wish Dr. Greidanus a swift and full recovery and look forward to his return.

During his tenure Dr. Greidanus renewed the Society’s legacy of serving members, collaboration, and providing community support that has served the organization well. Under his leadership he set the momentum for PCMS to plan our third annual symposium on primary care updates, and to host continuous education and social events throughout next year for physician members and guests. His vision for an enhanced, complementary relationship with the city and county of Pueblo has led to the society spending time and resources in collaboration with the medical community and other community organizations to improve the practice of medicine and life of medical professionals, locally and throughout southern Colorado.

Due to Dr. Greidanus’ strong leadership ability, PCMS now has a greater focus on promoting sustainability through igniting change and elevating relevance in the lives of our membership and local community. Thank you, Dr. Greidanus and Dr. Junqueira!


The Pueblo County Medical Society is a membership association comprising 300 physicians in the city and county of Pueblo. Learn more at www.pueblocms.org.