An ambitious plan for 2020
The Colorado Medical Society Board of Directors held our first meeting of 2020 and there are many things to report. Top of the agenda is the 2020 Colorado General Assembly, which also convened last week. All eyes will be on health care costs, particularly as legislators consider policy on the public/state option, the Total Cost of Care initiative being promoted by the Colorado Hospital Association and pharmaceutical costs. In addition to health care costs, CMS will be monitoring any attempts by the trial lawyers to make it easier to sue providers, policy solutions to the opioid crisis, ways to reduce administrative burden and empower physicians, and any challenges to scope of practice.
In addition to public policy, the CMS operational plan that will drive our work in 2020 also focuses on communications – the dynamic exchange of information with members to ensure timely action on our priorities – and organizational excellence – continued innovation of CMS to increase membership value and make CMS meaningful and relevant to a diverse physician population. To achieve these goals, I invite you to get involved through one or more of CMS’s involvement opportunities. It is a strong and vibrant society because of our members and your membership and engagement can make a real difference for our patients. 
I urge all PCMS members to join CMS. Despite some things we don't agree on, a collective voice for the things we do agree on is a major asset to our region! Join or renew your membership at