Posts for: May, 2019

At PCMS, we believe in serving medical providers and creating venues of collaboration for them to connect and be educated on CME topics of need. Last night’s event Challenge for Managing COPD in Primary Care did just that.

Through interactive conversations, questions and answers, and traditional lecture-based learning the needs of medical providers were identified, and solutions were offered by guest speaker Joshiah Gordon, DO.

Real world medicine and face to face talks between speaker and attendees shed light on a few realities including:

  • approximately 24 million adults in the US have airway obstruction or COPD,
  • COPD is now the third leading cause of death in the US, and
  • Alpha-1, a potentially fatal genetic form of COPD, may be a contributor in up to 3% of all COPD cases in the US.

Providing advocacy, education and interpersonal networking while serving 22 medical providers food, drink, and good conversation in the exclusive CLINK lounge, our vision of creating a medical society whose efforts will improve the practice of medicine and life of medical professionals for the betterment of healthcare in Pueblo came alive last night!

The Colorado General Assembly adjourned Friday, May 3, after a whirlwind session that put health care law and policy in the spotlight. Despite the great opportunities and vulnerabilities for physicians, we made real gains. The hot spots were in professional review reenactment (achieved without opening the system to discoverability), the Medical Practice Act sunset (achieved with favorable changes), the opioid crisis (multiple bills achieved to address the epidemic but with a mandatory CME requirement), out-of-network reform (achieved but without our preferred payment benchmark), prior authorization reform (achieved) and more. More important, we deflected bad policies that could have made the session catastrophic for our patients. Read more in this CMS update and in the upcoming May/June issue of Colorado Medicine. I particularly want to thank our local legislator, Senate President Leroy Garcia, for his dedication and leadership this session on the Professional Review Act Sunset.

Brad Roberts, MD
PCMS representative on the CMS Board of Directors

I urge all Pueblo physicians to complete a special survey on burnout. Click here to access it. Jeffrey Moody, MD, guest speaker for our May 23 educational event, developed this survey specifically for our region by combining questions specific to Pueblo physicians with the Maslach Burnout Inventory, the official burnout measurement tool. It is offered free of charge to our members and will help determine our local burnout rate – which he will present during his talk. Note: Complete the "Unique ID" if you want your results but do not want to give an email address. If you prefer a personalized interpretation of your results, please provide your email address. Results are confidential. Thank you for your participation.

Tom Greidanus, MD
PCMS President