Professional Liability Insurance - COPIC will give an average discount of 10% for physicians who are members of the Pueblo County Medical Society (PCMS) and the Colorado Medical Society (CMS) and who attend risk management courses.

Professional Peer Reviiew:  The Peer Review Committee investigates grievances made against members of PCMS.  the purpose of this service is to remove, whenever possible, the potential for such grievances to progress to the state grievance venue or the Colorado  Board of Medical Review.

State and National Representation:  PCMS and CMS represent you whether or not you support them.  Because CMS works through its component societies to represent all Colorado physicians, membership in the PCMS give you an opportunity to have a say in ths process and to have a direct impact on the political events that influence changes in the daily practice of medicine.

The PCMS delegates and alternates seated at  the CMS House of Delegatges are the voices for PCMS, which represent our Pueblo County area.  Call our offices at 564-9109 if you wish to become involved in this process

Pictoral Membership directory:  PCMS publishes a yearly pictoral directory.  All members are listed alphabetically with their pictures, education information and office information.

Education Programs:  All members are given the opportunity to attend education meetings throughout the year featuring topics essential to the practice of  medicine.   These are, but not limited to, government  requirements, insurance challenges and the ongoing practice of medicine issues

Newsletter:  PCMS publishes a monthly newsletter providing informational items, notices of membership meetings, announcements of new members, legislative happenings and general information needed to keep abreast of your local county society.

Membership meetings: General membership meetings are held at 5:30 pm in February, May and September on a date to be decided.  Board Meetings are scheduled to take place in January, March, May, July, September and November. Active members dinners are free; spouses are strongly encouraged to attend. Each meeting includes a short membership meeting followed by a presentation on today's medical practices.

Meeting Room availability: The conference room in the PCMS offices, which can accommodate up to 8 people, is available for use by PCMS members.

Mailing labels:  Mailing labels of the membership are available to members at a cost of .04 cents per label, upon written request stating purpose of the use of such labels. (Labels may not be used for fundraising, cannot be duplicated or entered into a database)

Fax Blast Assistance: Your Society's office has the ability to send out fax blasts for their members, at a nominal cost. Call our offices for information.

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